Using the TCN Integration


AutoPal has integrated with TCN, giving you the ability to create automated phone queues from within AutoPal. This integration acts as a time / money saving tool, allowing you to contact customers in a much more efficient manner.

Setup Your TCN Account

In order to get started with TCN, it is necessary to first sign up with TCN, and enter your credentials into the Settings > Company Management > Plugins page.


Once you have entered your credentials you will be able to configure the tool, and start creating call queues!

Configure a Phone Broadcast

Before using the TCN tool, it is first necessary to configure a phone broadcast. Phone broadcasts give you the ability to plug loan information into the automated phone message. To configure your broadcast, access the Tools > System Tools > TCN. Once on this page, select the Show TCN Dashboard to expand the TCN options. It should be noted that the configuration of your broadcast(s) is generally managed with the assistance of TCN. While using the dashboard simply scroll over the Web Broadcasting section and select the Template Manager, or the Message Manager. For further assistance with broadcast setup, please contact TCN at: 866-745-1900


Create a Call Queue

Once your broadcasts have been configured, you are ready to begin creating call queues, and contacting your customers!

To begin, refer to the Loan Manager, and through the Advanced Search options, create a list of loans you would like to send to the TCN Broadcast. Once your search is completed, simply open the “Data Options” menu and select the “Run TCN Campaign Option”.


Once selected, the loans that fit your search will be sent to the TCN tool, and are now ready to have a broadcast assigned, and run!


From this page you will see the list of loans that were sent from the Loan List. You will notice several icons on the right side of the page above the loan list. They are:

  • Show Promises: By selecting this icon, the system will display loans that have pending promises. Depending on the TCN campaign being run, it may be beneficial to refrain from contacting clients with pending promises.
  • Unselect Promises: By selecting this icon, all loans that have pending promises will be “Unselected”, and removed from the call list.
  • Select All: By selecting this icon, all loans that were previously “Unselected” will be re-added to the active call queue list.
  • Unselect All: By selecting this icon, all loans in the list will be removed from the active call queue.
  • Clear Queue: Selecting this icon will clear the list, resetting the call queue.

You will also notice an Unselect button to the right of each loan in the list. By selecting this icon, the loan will be manually unselected, and therefore removed from the call queue.

Run The Broadcast

At this point you can assign a “Broadcast” to the loan list, and start the queue. Simply select the “Select a Broadcast” icon to open a drop-down menu of your currently active broadcasts.


Once you have selected the appropriate broadcast for the loan list, select the Begin Campaign icon to start the call queue.

While the broadcast is running, you can select the Show TCN Dashboard icon to to view the campaign as it runs, and view your campaign statistics.

Please note, that because TCN is a third party, we may not have the answers to all of your TCN specific questions. We are more than happy to help you with any of the related AutoPal functions, but in-depth configurations of broadcast messages may require the assistance of TCN Support.

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