Source Company Custom Fields


AutoPal makes organizing your loan information easy. One way this is done is through the usage of Source Companies. AutoPal uses source companies to help you track your loans sourced through other companies, and keep them organized. AutoPal also uses the source companies as vendors if you are using our ‘QuickBooks Live Integration’. If for any reason you need to record additional information related to your source companies, AutoPal allows you to create custom fields tied to source companies.

How To

To create a new Source Company Custom Field access the Settings > Loan Management > Source Co tabs. Once you have accessed the page, select the “Custom Fields” option.


Once on this page you will be able to review existing ‘Source Company Custom Fields’ (if applicable), or add new fields by selecting the Create New Field icon. Once selected, you will access the following page:


Simply enter the following information to create your new custom field:

  • Field Name
  • Field Type
  • Default Value

Once you have entered your values select the “Save Custom Field” icon, and your custom field will be available for your use.

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