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“Servicing Users” are users/employees that your company grants access to AutoPal Loan Servicing Software.  You can create new users within your company that can access the software and make changes to company settings and loans within your account.  Access to areas of the software is customizable on an individual basis and can be granted to servicing users in the form of access settings. It’s important to most companies to grant only the access needed by a given employee and no more.  This article will give an overview of servicing users, including how to create a servicing user.

How To: 

A list of servicing users for your company can by found by navigating to Users > Servicing Users > Servicing Users List.


From this list, you will see the basic servicer information displayed. To the right of each servicing user, you will see a series of controls that allow you alter account settings and access controls. The specific uses of these features will be covered later in the article.

In order to add new servicing users please select the “Create New User” option from the control bar (located directly right of the “Servicing User List” tab).

Users Create New User

Enter the data for the servicing user into the fields provided.  Most of the fields are self-explanatory, but there are a few options that need to be covered.

  • Default Cash Drawer – AutoPal Software has an internal cash drawer tool that allows you to readily, and easily track deposits and withdrawals from specific drawers. In some instances, it may be beneficial to assign a specific cash drawer to a user in order to ensure there are no errors with the recording of deposits / withdrawals.
  • Loan Creation Defaults – The loan creation defaults option allows you to assign a  user specific set of defaults that will apply to this specific servicer during the creation of accounts. For example, your business may fund multiple loan types (i.e. Auto, Mortgage, etc.) with different underwriting practices and standards, this setting allows you to assign different loan defaults directly to this user that apply upon creation of the loan.
  • Email Address – Enter the user’s email address.  Please note that the email address is unique and can only be used for one user.  The email address will be used as the username upon logging into the software.
  • Password / Confirm Password – Please note that the passwords do have character and length requirements. The password must be between 6 and 16 characters in length, and contain at least one letter and at least one number. No special characters are allowed.

Once all of the fields have been entered, select the “Create User” button at the bottom of the page to confirm user creation.

Once the creation of the user has been completed, you will be able to apply access settings as you see fit.

Users Granting access

The access settings are simple to set and control. The gray tabs in the top bar designate which section of the software the controls are for, they are organized in the same fashion as the blue navigation tabs. Once you have accessed your desired section, simply select the check boxes, and the on-off switches for each item you are attempting to turn on for the servicer. Please note that because security is so important to us, we have included over 1500 access setting options. To save you time, you also have the ability to create and use access templates for new users.

Users Access Templates

By selecting the down-arrow to the right of the save changes icon, you can select a template access level to assign. Your account will come with several templates pre-loaded, though you have the ability to create and save new templates through the “Save As Template” option. The “Edit Saved Templates” option allows you to delete the templates you have saved in the system. Once you are satisfied with the level of access assigned to the user, simply select the “Save Changes” option.


Manage Servicing User Emails

Located on the Servicing User list, you will also find an option titled “Email”. Through the email option, you have the ability to enroll individual users to receive automated emails. These emails are auto-generated and through the correct configuration and settings, carbon copies can be sent directly to a servicer’s email address on file. Prior to emails being sent out, the servicing users email address must be verified.

Users Email

The email notifications listed are pulled directly from the custom event/trigger based emails that are set under the Settings > Company Management > Emails tabs. Once the emails are created, simply enable the message for your user by toggling the On/Off switch to the right, which will enable the email.

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