Servicing User Password Reset


AutoPal understands that accidents happen sometimes, and passwords can be lost. To help with these situations, AutoPal offers two password reset methods: through email or directly through your company “Users” tab. It should be noted that members of AutoPal’s support team cannot reset your password for security reasons, but can help you walk through the reset process if necessary.

How To

To reset a users password, direct yourself to, located on this page you will see a reset password link.


Once selected, you will be redirected to the following page:


Once on this page, simply enter the email address assigned to your servicing user into the “Email Address” field, and select the Submit button. You will then receive an automatic email containing a new system generated password. Once you have regained your ability to access the system it is recommended to manually edit your password to something easily memorable.

Manually Edit

To manually edit a servicing users password access the Users > Servicing > Servicing User List.


Once on this page simply select the “Password” icon to the right of a servicing user, once selected you will be greeted with the following window:


Simply enter a new password that meets the password requirements, and select the Save Password icon.

**Note: If you do not have the ability to edit your password from the Users tab, it is due to the access settings assigned to your servicing user. Please contact your company administrator, and have them reset the password through the Users tab.

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