Servicing User Email Verification


AutoPal Software makes it easy to ensure your clients receive account updates and notices through the Automated Email Tool. You can also use this same tool to send messages to servicing users/employees concerning your accounts. These emails can range from carbon copies of payment receipts, to specific Trigger Based email notifications. In order for your  user to receive emails from the system, your Servicing User must be verified, and enrolled to receive messages.

How To

When a new Servicing User is created and added to the system, AutoPal will automatically send a verification email to the email address entered during creation of the user. If for any reason this email is not received, or is disregarded, it is still possible to verify the account.

Simply access the Users > Servicing > Servicing User List > Email (located to the right of the specific servicer).

Users - Servicing - Servicing User List - Email Verification

Once you have selected the “Email” icon, you will be redirected to the following page:

users - servicing - servicing user list - not verified

From this page, simply select the “Send Verification Email” icon to have a new email sent to the address on file. Once you have received the email, simply follow the verification instructions to finalize the verification process.

If the email address associated with a specific servicer was previously verified successfully, you will be greeted with the following screen:

Users - Servicing - Servicing User List - Verified

From here you can select specific email from the email tool (located under Settings > Company Management > Emails) for your user to be enrolled to. Additionally, you will need to verify that each specific message is also set to send to servicing users to ensure they are processed.

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