Reviewing System Notes


Reviewing the history of accounts and the actions of servicers is integral to successful loan servicing. AutoPal Software strives to offer the most transparent servicing processes possible, including the ability to view a full history of each account in note format.

How To

To see the “System Notes,” access the loan account in question, and select “Notes / Promises”. You will be greeted with the following screen:

Loan Manager - Notes & Promises - System Notes

The system notes themselves need to be loaded by selecting the Load System Notes button. Once selected, the system notes will appear in a chronological list format:

Loan Manager - System Notes

Once the notes have appeared, you can select the green addition symbols to the right of each individual note to see the date, Time, IP, and User; or the black addition symbols at the top of the page to expand all of the notes.

Loan Manager - System Notes - Expanded

The note statistics give you the date, time, IP address, and user that committed the specific action. The notes themselves will vary based on the item completed. Through careful utilization of the system notes, it becomes very easy to track, and monitor actions completed on accounts.

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