Reversing a Charge


Since AutoPal gives you the ability to post charges to your borrower’s accounts, we provide the tools necessary to perform charge reversals. You will have the option to reverse any manual, automatic and recurring charges that are logged inside of your borrower’s account.

How To

To reverse a charge- Navigate inside of the loan account to the charges tab, locate the charge you would like reversed, then simply select the green reversal arrow.

Charges-Reversing a Charge

Once you have selected the green reversal arrow you will be greeted with the screen below.

Charges- Reversal Comment

A reversal comment will be required in order for your payment to be fully reversed in the system. Once the comment has been entered select Reverse Charge

You will know when your charge has been reversed successfully when your charge status has been changed to reverse.

Charges- Charge Succesfully Reveresed


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