Reports Overview


AutoPal offers a robust suite of reports to meet the information needs of your business. The reports can be accessed through the “Reports” tab.



AutoPal offers several different report types, and generation options. The report types include:

  • Forecast Reports: The forecast reports are designed to give you a view forward. Examples of reports located in this section are “Expected Revenue” and “Due Date Schedule” reports.
  • History Reports: The history reports are designed to give you a reflective view of company occurrences. Examples of reports located in this section are “Payment Log”, “Charges”, and “Funding” reports.
  • Servicing Reports: The servicing reports section includes reports dedicated to current account statuses, and which accounts need to be serviced currently. Examples of reports in this section are “Amount and Days Past Due”, or “Promises” reports.
  • Admin Stats: The admin stats section is for reports that are administrative in nature. The reports in this section generally give company wide views of accounts, rather than single payment, or individual loan information. Examples of reports in this section are “Admin Stats”, and “Charting”.
  • Custom Query: The custom query is designed to give you custom report generation abilities. Nearly every field located in the software can be generated on a custom basis.

Generation Options

AutoPal offers two options for report generation; scheduled generation and manual generation.

  • Scheduled Reports: The scheduled report option allows you preset report criteria and search options, and then have the system email them to you as a CSV file.
  • Manually Generated Reports: If you desire, you can access reports, set your search criteria and manually generate the reports. All generatable reports can be downloaded as a CSV, while some also offer a PDF download as an option.

This concludes a brief overview of the reports section, for more in depth information about any report type, or your generation options, please select from the hyperlinks above.


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