Reports – Generated: Reports & Tools Archived


The Reports – Archived, and Tools – Archived tabs are functionally identical though they store different information. The Reports – Archived tab gives you a chronological list of all automatically generated reports scheduled through the “Reports” tab. While the Tools – Archived tab gives you a chronological list of all reports automatically generated through the tools tab. On top of offering information concerning the creation of the report, there are also tools to download, and delete existing reports.

Reports - Generated - Reports Archived - Tools Archived1

How To

To access the reports, select Reports > Generated > Reports – Archived; or Tools – Archived.

Reports - Generated - Reports Archived - Tools Archived

Once you have accessed either the Reports – Archived or Tools Archived report, you will be presented with a chronological list of automated reports. The columns break down as follows:

  • Status – This column represents whether the report was successfully generated or not.
  • Report Name – This is used to identify which automated report was generated.
  • Type – This column is used to show which type of report was generated. For example: historyLoggedPayments; represents a report that was generated from the Reports > History Reports > Payment Log
  • Frequency – This field represents how often the report is scheduled to be generated.
  • Created On – This field represents the date of report generation.
  • Info – This field is utilized to store system information concerning the report.


On top of giving you the ability to see previously generated reports, the system also allows you to re-generate reports. If for any reason an email didn’t reach you or a report was lost, you can refer to this page to re-download the report by selecting either the CSV or PDF download icons under the “Options” section.

From this same section, you can also select the “X” icon to delete the report from the list.


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