Reports – Generated: Reports – Scheduled & Tools – Scheduled


The Reports – Scheduled, and Tools – Scheduled tabs are functionally identical though they store different information. The Reports – Scheduled tab gives you a chronological list of all automatic reports pending generation. While the Tools – Scheduled tab gives you a chronological list of all pending automatic reports scheduled through the tools tab. On top of offering information concerning pending reports / tool reports, there are also options to edit existing automated reports.

Reports - Generated - Reports Scheduled - Tools Scheduled

How To

To access the Reports – Scheduled and Tools – Scheduled tabs, select Reports > Generated > Reports – Scheduled; or Tools – Scheduled.

Reports - Generated - Reports Scheduled - Tools Scheduled 2

On this page, you will see a breakdown list of all reports pending generation. You will be given the following information concerning the pending reports:

  • Report Name – This field is used to inform you of the name of the report.
  • Type – The type field represents what type of a report is currently pending.
  • Frequency – The frequency represents how often the report will generate.
  • Created On – The “Created On” field represents the creation date of this recurring automatic report.
  • Last Execution – The last execution represents the last date a specific report was generated.
  • Next Execution – This field represents the date and time the next report will generate.

There is also a section labeled “Options” where you can edit an existing report, or delete a pending report. If you choose to edit a report, you will be presented with the same options you were during the scheduling / creation phase of the automated report.

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