Portfolio Overview


AutoPal offers multiple ways to categorize your loans, one of the available options is Portfolios. Portfolios are designed to help your company organize and group your loans. They can be used to group loans based off of location, loan amount, investors, servicing company, language spoken, or any other form of grouping that your company desires. Once loans are assigned to portfolios, you can more easily refine your searches and reports, thus making the management of your lending company easier. As your lending company continues to grow, portfolios will prove to be a valuable tool.

How To

The structure of portfolios goes as follows:

  • Primary Portfolio
    • Primary-Sub Portfolio
    • Primary-Sub Portfolio
  • Secondary Portfolio
    • Secondary-Sub Portfolio
    • Secondary-Sub Portfolio

You can have as many sub-portfolios per parent portfolio that you would like. However, sub-portfolios cannot be used in multiple parent portfolios.

While there is no limit on the number of Portfolios you can create, there is a limit of how many portfolios can be assigned to a loan at one time. A loan’s maximum number of portfolios is the following;

  • 1 Primary
  • 1 Secondary
  • 1 Primary-sub
  • 1 Secondary-sub

It should also be noted that you are not required to use the sub-portfolio options. They are implemented to give you further organization options, and make the sorting of loans easier.

One question that often arises is “What is the difference between Primary & Secondary Portfolios?” There is no difference, and should be viewed as a powerful tool for the organization and grouping of your loans. This allows you to group your loans based off of more than one label or category, ensuring they are grouped by the correct metrics.

Here are helpful articles about both creating and assigning portfolios to loans.


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