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The more points of contact you have with a client, the better your chances of overall recovery on a loan. For this purpose, many banks and lenders require “references” in some form to ensure multiple additional contacts on the loan. To help facilitate easy recording of additional references, AutoPal offers the “References” tab inside of each loan account.

How To

To access a loan accounts references, simply select the “References” tab from the left-hand column. Once accessed you will be greeted with the following screen:


The “References” tab contains an easy to view list of all existing references, as well as controls to remove or edit them. Additionally, from this page you will also have the ability to directly record new references through the Add New Reference icon. When selected, you will be presented the following page:


Simply enter in the applicable content for your new reference, and when finished, select the Save Reference button to save your entry.

Please note that there are three fields required for reference creation: Name, Relation, and Primary Phone number. If any of these fields are omitted during the entry process, you will not be able to proceed with the creation.

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