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At times, you may want to track insurance information for different kinds of collateral, such as homeowner’s insurance or auto-insurance. To help facilitate this process, AutoPal Software allows you to record insurance policy information for loan collateral.

How To

To add/update insurance information for a loan navigate to; Loan Manager > Loan > Insurance > Update Insurance.

Loan Manager-Insurance update 1

Enter in the applicable insurance information in each field.

Name Insured: Full name of the insured person.  If the name of the insured person is the same as the borrower, select the Borrower button.

Company: Name of the insurance agency e.g. Allstate

Contact / Agent: Name of insurance representative

Phone: Phone number of the insurance agency

Deductible: The amount of expense that must be paid out of pocket before an insurer will pay any expenses

Policy Number: The number given by the Insurance company to track the individual policy

Start Date: The date that the policy starts

End Date: The date that the policy ends or is up for renewal

Once all insurance information in entered, you can save this information by selecting the Save Changes button.

The insurance information and insurance history will now be displayed on the insurance tab.

Loan Manager-Insurance update 2

As policy information changes, and you update the information, the changes will be saved in the “Insurance History” section.

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