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Being able to easily generate loan pertinent documents is very important to effective loan servicing. To help make this process easier, AutoPal gives you an easy to use custom form generator. Located inside of each loan is a tab labeled “Custom Forms”. This tab allows you download, and then save / print custom forms you have previously configured and uploaded to AutoPal. When downloaded, these forms will include up to date loan specific information.

How To

To access the “Custom Forms” tab, open the loan in question and select the “Custom Forms” from the left hand column. Once selected, you will be greeted with the following screen:


From this page you will see a list of all forms based on their saved section. Custom forms are entered through the Settings > Loan Management > Custom Forms tabs. From here you will be able directly download your custom forms and if desired, print them.

Downloading a Custom Form

To download a custom form select the PDF icon under the “Options” column to the right of the desired custom form. Please watch the following GIF for a step by step walk through of the download process:

Custom Form Download

Once downloaded, you can choose to either save the custom form directly to your local machine, or print it directly from the download. Additionally, if you are configured to do so, you can select the “Printer” icon under the “Print” column to have the custom form print through Google Print.

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