Loan Manager – Checklist


Checklists help you to manage processes for loans that aren’t natively supported by AutoPal, such as ensuring that proper documentation is received before the loan is funded, or that everything has been done to process a bankruptcy.

When a checklist item is marked as complete, the date and time that it was marked is recorded in AutoPal, so you can see when each item was completed.

Additionally, you can search by checklist items to see which loans are in which step of the process. For further information on the Checklist tool and how to create checklists, please review the following article: Checklist Overview

How To

To access the “Checklist” tab, open the loan you are wanting to view the checklist for, and select “Checklist” from the left-hand side of the page.

Loan Manager - Checklist

To update a checklist simply select the item from the left-hand column. When selected, a time-date stamp will be recorded on the right-hand side of the page. Please note that you can also customize these lists under Settings > Loan Management > Checklists. For further information on the creation of checklists, please review the following article: Configure a Checklist.

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