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Because AutoPal gives you the ability to save clients card / bank account information directly to their account, you also have the ability to take that information to schedule automatic payments. AutoPay’s (as they are called in the software) are a very useful tool giving you the ability to pre-schedule payments, or have a client’s payments automatically process on their due-dates.

How To

To access the AutoPay Methods, please access a loan account and select the “Payment Methods / AutoPay” tab.


From this page you will see a list of all scheduled AutoPay’s on the account. The AutoPay information will be broken into the following sections:

  • ID – Represents the unique ID of the specific AutoPay
  • Title – When a new AutoPay is created, you have the option to assign a title to the AutoPay. This is used to help you differentiate specific items within the list of AutoPays.
  • Type – AutoPal supports several different types of AutoPays that can range from single payments, to full schedule matching AutoPays. This field gives you a quick view of the type assigned to each AutoPay in the list.
  • Date – This field represents the date the AutoPay was / is scheduled to process.
  • Time – The AutoPay system gives you the ability to schedule automatic payments to schedule throughout the day at pre-specified times, this field represents the scheduled times for all AutoPays.
  • Status – AutoPays have three statuses inside of AutoPal: Pending, Complete, and Failed. This field represents the current status of the AutoPay.
  • Amount – The amount pre-scheduled to process with the AutoPay.
  • Method – The name of the Payment Method assigned to the AutoPay.
  • Name – The name of the individual assigned to the Payment Method (note* this does not have to be the borrower).
  • Account – The last 4 digits of the account number assigned to the account.

You will also notice a series of buttons to the right:

  • Edit: By selecting this icon, you will have the ability to edit the settings saved during creation of the AutoPay.
  • Cancel: By selecting this icon, the AutoPay will be canceled and removed from the active list.
  • Process: By selecting this icon, you will force the AutoPay to process. This can be used to process an AutoPay early, or to retry an AutoPay manually.
  • Hist: By selecting this icon, you will be able to access the history of individual AutoPays.

For further information on scheduling an AutoPay, please see the following article: Schedule an AutoPay

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