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AutoPal is an online based platform, which means that by default you can log into the software from any location as long as you have internet access.  You may not want every user/employee in your company to have access to the software from any location.  For this purpose, AutoPal gives you the ability to restrict access to the software by IP address.  This article will cover how to create and assign IP restrictions.

How To

There are two different methodologies that can be used to assign IP Restrictions to your servicing users. These controls are both located under the “Users” tab. The image below highlights the two areas where you can access these settings. The “IP Restrictions” tab allows you to set predefined company level restrictions, meaning that if the restrictions are enabled, they will be applied to all servicing users, unless otherwise defined. The “Manage” tab allows you to manage some more in-depth user controls, as well as assign IP restrictions on an individual user level.

IP Restrictions

Accessing the “IP Restrictions” tab brings you to the following page:
IP Restricitons tab

From this page, you will notice that you have options for both “Allowed IP Addresses”, and “Blocked IP Addresses”.

  • Allowed IP Addresses: This selection allows you to enter a list of IP Addresses that can be utilized by every servicer in your company. For example, you may desire for your servicers to only be able to log in from your office location. Through enabling and adding your office’s IP Addresses to this list, you will restrict their access to only the terminals at your office, but they will be able to log in from any IP address in the list.
  • Blocked IP Addresses: This selection allows you to enter a list of blocked or denied IP Addresses. Similar to the “Allowed IP Addresses”, this list will apply to all servicers unless otherwise defined under the “Manage” tab.

By selecting the “Enable” option, the following options will appear:

IP Adress Allowd

Simply enter the IP address you wish to allow (or block if utilizing the “Blocked IP Addresses” section) into the text-box, and select the green “+” icon to the right in order to save the IP Address. Additionally, there is a button labeled “My IP” you can select to pre-fill the IP Address you are currently logged in from. The options under the “Blocked IP Addresses” field will be identical in their form and function.

If you desire a more individualized approach to IP Restriction assignment, you can select the “Manage” button from the servicing user list. This section allows you to assign allowed and blocked IP addresses to an individual servicer, rather than the company-wide settings offered under the “IP Restrictions” tab.

IP Restrictions Company settings

From this section, you can select between two “User IP Restriction” types. The “Company Settings” option will apply the settings from the IP Restrictions tab, whereas the “User Custom Settings” will allow you to define custom restrictions.

IP Restrictions User Settings

Once the restriction type has been assigned to “User Custom Settings,” you will be able to enter IP Restrictions that will apply only to the specified user. The application of these settings mirrors the “IP Restrictions” tab.

As a final note, please use caution when utilizing these functions as it is possible to block your personal IP address, which requires assistance from an AutoPal Software support technician to remove the restriction.

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