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Because of differences found in many lending models, AutoPal Software makes it very easy to organize information that is not used in loan calculations. For this purpose, inside of each loan, there is a section labeled “Additional Information”. There are several pre-populated fields in this area, additional fields can be made by creating a custom field.

How To

To access the “Additional Information” section, access a loan account, and click the “Initial Setup” tab. The Additional Information is the third section on the page.
Loan Manager - Initial Setup - Additional Information2

This section does not require input in any specific field (unless a required custom field is added), though understanding of the available fields are important.

Loan Manager - Initial Setup - Additional Information

A breakdown of the fields in this section is as follows:

  • Net Amount Down: This field is used to track an amount down on a piece of collateral paid by a client. This will affect the total of payments in the TILA.
  • Sales Price: The initial sales price of a specific item.
  • Taxes: This field is used to track sales tax, state tax, or other items related to the deal.
  • Gap Insurance: This field is used to track the amount / value of a Gap policy if applicable.
  • Warranty: This field is used to track the value / cost of a warranty if applicable.
  • Dealer Profit: This field is used to track the direct profit of a specific deal.
  • Reserve Amount: This field is used to track a reserve amount place on an account if applicable.
  • Custom Field(s): In addition to the pre-populated fields in this section, you can also add custom fields. If custom fields are added, they will continue to list out left to right across the additional information section. On top of this, the custom fields are usable on your custom forms and other documents.

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