Forecast Reports – Scheduled Payments


The “Scheduled Payments” report is similar in design and function to the “Due-Date Calendar”. This report gives you the ability to pull payments (both historical and forecast) based solely on the scheduled payments on the loan as displayed in the transactions tab. These payments will give you a reflection of the original payment schedule only, and will not be based on the actual amortization of the account.

How To

To access the “Scheduled Payments” report please select Reports > Forecast Reports > Scheduled Payments.

Forecast Reports - Scheduled Payments

The report itself is very easy to use, and simply laid out. Enter in the date range for the scheduled payments you are looking for in the “Date From”, and “Date To” fields at the top of the page. You also have the option to select a “Period” (i.e. this month, last month, etc.). If you wish to add restrictions to your search (based on portfolio, or source company, etc.) select the “Advanced Search” icon, and make the selections. For further information on the Advanced Search options, please review the following article: Reports Advanced Search.

The center section of the report gives you a summary and breakdown of all scheduled payments based on your search, as well as a graph providing a visual breakdown.

The bottom section of the report gives a per-payment breakdown based on the search criteria. The per-payment breakdown provides the loan number, dates, name, collateral, and a specific breakdown of the payment.

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