Forecast Reports – Expected Revenue


This report shows the estimated revenue of account cash flows for your search parameters. To access the reports, select Reports > Forecast > Expected Revenue.

How To

This report allows you to enter a specific date range, and will return a breakdown of expected revenue over that time frame. The graph below will provide a month-to-month breakdown of potential revenue in all different categories that payments can be applied to.

Forecast Reports - Expected Revenue

By selecting the Advanced Search button, you can further breakdown your reports.

Forecast Reports - Expected Revenue - Advanced Search

For further information on the Advanced Search functions, please see the following article: Advanced Search.

Once you have made the desired search restrictions, simply select the Search button, and your results will generate below.

The report generates as a bar graph giving you a month to month breakdown of expected income.

Expected Revenue

If you would like to get exact values for each of the bars represented in the graph, simply hold the pointer of your mouse over the bar in question.



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