Excel Data Dump


One of the great features offered by AutoPal software is the ability to take existing data and dump the information from the Loan Manager. This function is generally used to enable you to quickly generate pertinent account information in CSV format without having to utilize the reports.

How To

To facilitate an “Excel Data Dump” access the Loan Manager tab.
Excel Data Dump

When performing an Excel Data Dump, the first step is to set restrictions for your search. The data dump is generated and pulled based on the current search results on the Loan Manager tab. To restrict your search selections you can use either the Loan Status, Keyword Search, or the Advanced Search functions.

Excel Data Dump - Restrictions

The Advanced Search options, in particular, offer several different options that allow you to further restrict your search results.

Loan Manager - Excel Data Dump - Advanced Search

Through the Advanced Search section, you can make specific selections ranging from the assigned portfolio, the assigned source company, to loan type. Simply make the series of selections that will help narrow the Excel Data Dump to only those loans that fall within your search parameters.

Loan Manager - Data Options - Excel Data Dump

Once comfortable with the results displayed on the “Loan Manager” select the “Data Options” button, and then the “Excel Data Dump”.

At this point, the system will proceed to populate the report, and download it directly to your browser.

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  1. Philip Kansky

    excel removed leading zeros on our account numbers on down load dump. How do we fix this

    1. Andy Morrise

      This is outside the scope of AutoPal, but you can make the number fields into text fields so Excel doesn’t auto-format them. You can also open the file as a text file and add them back in.

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