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The email tool lets you easily send emails to any customer or group of customers. To activate this feature you will first need to verify your company email address.  You can save the emails you compose as forms so that you can use them again and again.  AutoPal also lets you use variables in your emails so you can easily pull in borrower and loan information to make emails specific and informative to the recipient. You also have the ability to send trigger & event email notifications to your borrowers.

Creating an Email Queue

Before you can compose an email, you must first specify one or more email recipients.  This can be done in several ways. First, you can send a group of loans from the loan list to the email tool.  Second, you can choose specific loans from the loan list to add to your list of recipients.  And finally, you can click on a customer’s email address inside of a loan to send a message to a single address.

Let’s start by adding customers from the loan list.  Navigate to the Loan Manager tab inside your company account.



At this point, you will need to use the search options in order to build a list of accounts to email. You can use either the status search options, enter a name into the keyword search, or utilize the advanced search options to finalize a list.  Once you have run your search, select the “Data Options” drop down menu, and finally “Email Loan List” to send the search results to the email tool.

Data Options Menu

Upon selecting “Email Loan List” from the drop-down menu, you will be taken to Tools > System Tools > Emails, and the customers from the loans you searched for will be loaded as recipients for the email.

You can also manually add recipients to the email queue by selecting the Email icon icon to the right of the borrower you wish to include.

Lastly, you can click directly on the borrower’s email address from within their account. Simply access the borrower’s loan through the “Loan Manager” tab, and select the email address in the account header.

Email - Single User

How To: Compose an Email

After you have sent emails to the email tool, you will be redirected to the Tools > System Tools > Email page. From here you will have the option to “Compose an Email”.

Custom Email - Compose

To create a new email, choose one of your verified email addresses from the “From” drop-down.  When the email is received, it will look like it came from this email address.  Enter a subject into the Subject field and the body of the email into the text box provided and click Send

You have several options to help format your email.  These include font color, highlight color, bold, italicize, underline, bullet, number, undo, redo, font, font-size and HTML View.

Email Controls

You can also enter variables into the email which will merge in information that is specific to each recipient and their loan.  You can access and use the variables by clicking “Help variables.”  Use the search field to find the variable you wish to include.  Click the variable to directly insert it into the email.

Trigger Based Notification - Variables

Any email that is composed can be saved as a “form.” Once an email is saved as a form, they act as a template and can be accessed anytime by selecting the “Email forms” drop-down. When composing a new email, you can either write a new email or use one of your previously created forms.

Email Forms


To save the email you composed as a new form email, choose the “Save as new” option from the Email forms drop-down.  You will then need to enter a title for the form in the “Form Title” field & then click Save.

Save Email Form






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  1. Sabrina

    How do I remove an email I accidentally added to my list?

    1. Andy Morrise

      Unfortunately, your only option is to clear the send list and then add the recipients again.

  2. Terry Benischek

    The email address from which the email is generated is incorrect. Clients are replying to the email address from which they received the email and the emails are no where to be found. How can I change the email address on the emails I send.

    1. Andy Morrise

      You can add and verify more email addresses. When you send an email, choose the address you want it to show as being sent from. If you have automated emails going out, edit the template and choose a new “from” email address.

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