Create and Run a TCN Campaign


TCN is a service that lets you send out groups of phone calls (campaigns) to your customers.  If you have completed the TCN integration with AutoPal Software, you are ready to start sending out campaigns.

How To

To access the TCN tool, navigate to Tools > System Tools > TCN inside your company account.

TCN Dashboard (No Loans Sent)

It’s likely that you will see a message telling you to select loans from the Loan Manager in order to use this tool.  Tools in AutoPal Software require that you first select a group of loans you would like to submit to the tool.

To select a group of loans, access the Loan Manager inside your company account.

Run TCN Campaign

You can select loans to send to the TCN tool in one of two ways.  One, you can search for a group of loans and then send the entire group to the tool.  Two, you can select loans individually to send to the TCN tool.  To send a group of loans to the TCN tool, search for the loans with borrowers that you want to call.  Select the Data Options icon and then select the “Run TCN Campaign” option.

Once selected, you will be redirected to the Tools > System Tools > TCN tool.

You can also choose loans individually to be a part of a TCN campaign.  To choose a loan from the Loan Manager, select the Broadcast Button (broadcast icon) to the right of the loan listing.  Once you have chosen the loans you want to include in the campaign, navigate to Tools > System Tools > TCN inside your company account.

Tools - TCN

Here you should see individual listings for the loans that you sent to the tool as a part of the TCN campaign.  If there are any loans that you want to exclude from the campaign, click the Unselect button to the right. In order to help you with this determination, you can see the promises for a specific loan by clicking the Show Promises button above the loan list.

Begin Campaign

Once you have adjusted the call list to your liking, select a broadcast from the drop-down menu. Broadcasts are setup with TCN and are linked to a specific phone message. Once satisfied with the configuration of the TCN Broadcast, simply select the “Begin Campaign” button to start the broadcast.


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