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AutoPal offers a full range of tools to help make servicing your accounts easier. The collector queue is a particularly effective tool as it allows you to take specific lists of loans and assign a servicer to them in order to ensure that only certain accounts get serviced. Once a servicing user has started a queue, they will be restricted to that queue until completed.

How To: Utilize the Tool

The Collector Queue Tool is located at Tools > System Tools > Collector Queue inside your system.

Tools - Collector Queue - Front Page

The “Queue” page gives you a view of all collector queues currently in the system. These can be of either “completed”, “incomplete”, or “not started” status. There will also be some basic statistics concerning each queue displayed. Namely, the servicer assigned to the queue, the total number of loans, the number of completed loans, and a percentage completed to date.

To the right,  you will notice a “Cancel” and “Begin” button. If a queue has not been started yet, selecting cancel will remove the queue from the active queue list. Selecting begin will start the queue.

When you select the Begin icon to start a collector queue, you’ll be taken to the first uncompleted loan in the queue.

Collector Queue Timer

At the top of each loan, you will notice a collector queue timer. This will give a quick-view of the total number of loans in the list, which loan is currently being serviced (out of the total), and the time spent. There are also “Pause” and “Stop” icons available on the page. The Pause icon will allow a servicer to stop which loan they are on in the event they need to access other areas of the software. The Stop button will allow them to temporarily stop the queue if the servicer needs to accomplish other tasks in the software.

Collector Queue Loan Notes

At the bottom of each page, you will have the ability to add notes concerning the interaction with the client / success of the attempted contact. These notes will be saved directly into the notes tab of each loan, and can be reviewed at any time. Additionally, there are two buttons located at the bottom of each loan in the queue. The Move to Back of Queue button will take the loan that is currently being serviced and move it to the end of the queue. If the contact is successful, the Continue to Next Loan button should be used to mark the account as completed, and take the servicer to the next loan in the queue.

Collector Queue Settings

Under the settings tab of the collector queue, you can create questions for your servicers to answer after completing a loan in the queue. These questions will show up inside the notes portion of the queue, and can have scores assigned to them. The scores are a great metric so servicer performance can be easily tracked.

Collector Queue Details

When a queue is complete, you will now have access to a button labeled “details”. This allows an administrator to view the assigned servicing users queue processing performance.

Details complete

The details page gives a quick view of exactly what occurred on each account, and how much time the servicer spent on the account.


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