Collector Queue Creation


The “Collector Queue” was designed to help you run organized collections. The Collector Queue lets you easily designate a group of loans that need collections performed on them and assign it to one of the users in your company. This article focuses on the creation of new Collector Queues, for further information on the tool itself, please review the following article: Collector Queue Tool.

How To

To create a new collector queue, go to the Loan Manager. From this page, there are two different methods that can be used to create a new collector queue. From the Loan Manager, you can either select a group of loans based on search criteria, or you can manually add them to a custom queue. For the purposes of this article, we will start with the “Data Options” search criteria options.

Collector Queue Loan List

From here you will send the loans from your search results in the Loan Manager to a collector queue.  First, search for the loans that you want to send to the queue.  Using the options available under the “Advanced Search” icon can help you narrow down your search results to a specific grouping of loans. Once you have built a list of loans that need to be collected on, simply select the “Collector Queue” option in the “Data Options” menu to send the list to the Collector Queue tool.

Collector Queue Creation

Once you’ve chosen the accounts you will add to the queue, you will need to enter some basic information about the queue.  Enter a name for the collector queue in the “Title” field.  Select which user the queue should be assigned to from the “Assign Job to Which User” field. Once satisfied with the setup of the Collector Queue, select the Create New Job button to save the queue.

Collector Queue Complete

At this point the queue has been created and the assigned servicer can get started! Simply refer them to the Tools > System Tools > Collector Queue page, and have them select the “Begin” icon next to the queue assigned to them.


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