Clear a Loan Search


Effectively using the search options is integral to successful loan servicing. AutoPal offers several search options right from the loan list, and allows you to subcategorize your loans through several settings for improved searchability. An important part of searching the loan list, is “Clearing” an old search before starting a new one, which helps ensure there are no carryover settings from old searches.

How To

Located directly on the Loan List, you will notice several options for searching your loans.


Whether the search has been applied through the loan status, a keyword, or advanced search options, the search will continue to apply unless cleared. This may cause problems with servicing loans if not done correctly as it will remove loans from the loan list, and they will not be searchable until the search is either altered, or cleared. As a standard practice, prior to applying a loan search select the Clear Search icon to remove all search options and reset the search to default values.

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