Checklist Overview


Checklists help you manage processes for loans that aren’t natively supported by AutoPal Software, such as ensuring that proper documentation is received before the loan is funded, or that a bankruptcy has been properly processed.

When a checklist item is marked as complete, the system will record a “Time Date Stamp”, allowing you to audit the completion, and track the completion of account processes.

Additionally, you can search by checklist items to see which loans are in which step of the process.

For further information concerning checklist configuration, refer to the following article: Configure Checklist.

Marking Checklists

To mark a checklist, select Loan > Checklist > Select desired item’s checkbox. To unmark an item, click on the marked checkbox next to the item.  A time-date stamp will appear next to marked items; the history of checklist entries are available at the bottom of the page.

Checklist Overview

Searching by Checklist

To search by checklist, select Loan Manager > Advanced Search > Checklist Items > Choose the “Need” or “Have” next to the desired checklist item.

Need – The loan list will populate all of the loan accounts that do not have the selected checklist item checked.

Have – The report will generate all of the loan accounts that have the selected checklist item checked.

Once the desired checklist item is selected, the Loan List will populate with the appropriate results.

Checklist Overview Advanced Search



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