Change of Company Administrator


Every company in AutoPal must have a company administrator assigned to the instance. The administrator acts as the primary contact between AutoPal team members, and your company. The company administrator will be the first person to be contacted in the event there are billing issues, or administrative items. There are also specific items that must be requested by the administrator on file in order to receive assistance, such as changes to user access, etc.

How to Change or Verify Your Company Admin

In order to change or verify your company’s designated administrator, you must send a letter, on official company letterhead, to You must also include the completed Proof of Administrative Power form found here: AutoPal Proof of Administrative Power with your letter. This should be accompanied by some verifying documents that may include, but are not limited to: Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Written Action of lncorporator, Shareholder Agreements, Articles of Organization, Written Action of Organizer(s).

Once you have sent these documents, AutoPal will review them and update the administrator. Administrators are the only person in the company that can make requests from AutoPal about user access, removal of users, custom programming, etc.


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