Cash Drawer Overview


AutoPal has a built in cash drawer tool that allows you to keep track of deposits and withdrawals within your company. Cash Drawers can be used in several different fashions, some examples include; differentiating store locations, recording received payments, or just a means of general recording for inflows and outflows of cash.

How To

To create a new cash drawer, navigate to Tools > System Tools > Cash Drawer within your company account.

Cash Drawer Overview

This page gives you a general overview of all cash drawers currently within your company. Information displayed includes:

  • ID: The unique AutoPal assigned identifier to this cash drawer.
  • Title: The name of the cash drawer
  • Current Balance: The amount currently deposited in the cash drawer.
  • Status: This displays whether or not a certain drawer is active or not.

To create a new cash drawer, select the New Cash Drawer button.

New Cash Drawer Page

Enter a name for the cash drawer in the Title field.  This name should distinguish this cash drawer from others you may create.  If the cash drawer is starting with money in it, enter the amount of money in the drawer in the Balance field.  Now choose which methods of payment this cash drawer can receive.  To edit the list of payment methods, go to Settings > Company Management > Payments > Add Payment Method.

Once you have entered the cash drawer data, click SSave to save the new cash drawer. You are Done!


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