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When adding loans to AutoPal one of the most important steps is borrower creation. When a borrower is added to the system it is not saved directly to the loan itself, but is rather saved as a separate user file and type. “Borrower Users” are similar to “Servicing Users“, and “Applicant Users” and differ in their organization and permissions. Once a borrower has been added to the system whether through loan creation or through direct borrower entry, the new user will be accessible in the Users > Borrowers > Borrower List tab. Additionally, a single borrower can be attached to an unlimited number of loans. This makes it very easy to attach returning customers to new accounts, and helps keep your portfolio more organized. For more information on Borrower Creation please see the following article: Borrower User Creation

How To

When accessing the “Borrowers List” you will be greeted with the following page.

Borrower Users

The “Borrowers List” is organized in a simple to read and use format. As borrowers are added to the system whether through the loan creation process, or the “Create New Borrower” tab, they will be listed on this page. The following items are the primary areas that need to be understood:

  • Keyword Search: As your company expands and grows the borrowers list will continue to increase in length. In order to facilitate easier navigation of the borrowers tab, you can search for a specific borrower’s name or User ID through this search field. Once you have entered the name of the client you wish to find, simply select the “Search” button and the system will return a list of borrowers that meet the criteria you entered.
  • User ID: When each user is created and added to the system, the system will assign a unique User ID to the borrower. Regardless of whether the client information is ever edited, this value is locked, and can be used to track the borrower.
  • Import ID: If you have elected to import borrower information to the system, you can add an “Import ID” to the borrower. This essentially facilitates easy linking of the borrower to loan information through the import process.
  • Full Name: The borrower’s full name as entered and saved during creation.
  • IMG: AutoPal allows you to save a picture of each client. If an image has been uploaded for a specific borrower a camera icon will appear in this column.
  • Type: AutoPal allows the creation of several different borrower types. During the borrower creation phase, you will be able to select from the following options:
    • Individual
    • Company
    • Flooring Customer
  • SSN/EIN: Depending on a given servicing users access level, they may or may not have access to view sensitive customer data such as SSN or EIN numbers. If the servicer is missing the correct permissions, the column will appear blank.
  • Email AddressIf the client has an email address that was saved during borrower creation, the address will show here.
  • Birthdate: The birthdate entered during borrower creation.

On top of the information displayed in the search results, there are four buttons to the right of each borrower.


Borrower Users Image Upload

The “Image” tab allows you to upload an image of each borrower. To upload a borrower image simply select the “Choose File” button, and then “Upload”. Once complete, the image will be attached to directly to the borrower’s account and can be pulled up from both the borrowers tab, and  from within the loan. Select the “Return to Borrower List” button to return to the list. If this option is not selected and you use your browser’s “Back” button, you may need to re-enter your search criteria.


Borrower Users Loans Assigned

The “Loans” tab allows you to see all loans that a borrower is currently linked to at a glance. Once selected you will see information specific to the loans tied to that borrower. Additionally, the “Loan” column has hyperlinks that will direct you to the loans.


Borrower Users Password

The “Password” tab allows you to set (or reset) a borrower’s password. These passwords are used by the borrower to access the end-user website. To reset a password, simply enter the password, and then confirm the entry. Please be aware of the password requirements: Passwords must be between 6 and 16 characters in length, only AlphaNumeric characters, must contain at least one letter, one number, and cannot contain special characters.


Borrower Users Edit Borrower

By selecting the “Edit” option, you will be greeted with the borrower entry screen. This page is generally used to make alterations to borrower information, or to correct errors with the original entry. Once satisfied with the information entered, select the “Save Changes” option to confirm the changes.



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