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Borrower user creation is one of the most important aspects of using AutoPal Loan Servicing Software. It is important to distinguish the difference between a user and a loan, as they are very different concepts. When a loan is created, you will have the option to attach borrowers directly to the account, though it is not required. A single borrower can be attached to an unlimited number of accounts once entered into the software, and the system offers multiple methods of “Borrower User Creation.” Borrowers can be created during the loan creation process, or through the Users > Borrowers > Create New Borrower tabs. For further information on the relationship of Borrower Users and Loans please see our article on Borrower Users. 

How To

To create a new borrower select Users > Borrowers > Create New Borrower. Once you have accessed the “Create New Borrower” tab you will be greeted by the following screen:

Borrower Creation_Required Fields

Borrower creation is fairly straightforward and is completed in a single page. The outlined fields in the above image are the fields required for borrower creation, these fields must be completed or borrower creation cannot continue.

Borrower Creation _ Buttons

There are also several buttons located on this page, explanations of these tools are as follows:

  • Verify:  The “Verify” icon tests the validity of a borrower’s given address. By selecting this icon the address that was entered will be checked against the USPS address verification database. Once the system has run the address, a popup will appear at the bottom of the page informing you if the address is valid, or invalid, or should include additional information. Please see the following image for an example of return: Verification
  • Decode: When selected, the “Decode” option will autofill the city and state fields based on the zipcode entered into either the “Primary Zipcode” or “Mailing Zipcode” fields.
  • Autofill Mailing Address: In many cases, a borrower will have an address that is both the address of their primary residence, and where their mail is sent to. In this scenario, the “Autofill Mailing Address” option can be selected to copy the information entered into the “Primary” address fields, and pasted into the “Mailing Address” fields.

Once you have ensured that the customer’s information has been entered correctly, please select the “Create” icon to finalize creation of the borrower. If for any reason the information does not need to be saved, select the “Cancel” icon to cancel the creation of the user.

Borrower Users can also be created during the “loan creation” process. On step two of the loan creation processyou will be presented with two options: Create New User and Link Existing User. By selecting the “Create New User” icon, you will be greeted with the following screen: Borrower Creation_Required Fields

You will notice that this is identical to the screen presented when creating a borrower through the Users > Borrowers > Create New Borrower tab.

For further information concerning the linking of users to a loan please see the following article: Link a user to a loan.

Regardless of which method of creation you elect to use, the borrower information will be saved to the “Users” tab, allowing you to recall the information at any time and make edits.

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