AutoPal Status Page


In an effort to ensure transparency and provide you with all necessary information concerning the system, AutoPal has implemented a live status page. The status page allows you to remain updated on system performance, and will give a description of any issues experienced. While system errors are rare we want to ensure that you have up to date information as we get them resolved.

How To

To access the AutoPal Status Page simply refer to

The page is simply setup and easy to use. It is divided into the Following sections:

  • About This Site:

    This section gives you a brief overview of the purpose of the status page, and if there are any
    current issues with either the web app (the software) or the website (where you login).

  • System Metrics: status-page-system-metrics

    This section gives you a view of the availability of the AutoPal Software Web App, and the AutoPal Software Website over time. Please note that you will can select the time frame over which your results are generated.

  • Past Incidents:
    If the system experiences any type of incident that hinders your ability to use the software, a description of the incident will be added to the status page. As items are corrected and resolved, you will be able to review them here.


It is recommended that all users interested in staying up to date with system occurrences subscribe to our status page by selecting the Subscribe to Updates icon in the upper right-hand corner of the status page. Once selected you will be greeted with the following pop-up:

status-page-subscribe Simply select the type of subscription you would like (Email, SMS, or RSS Feed), and fill in the required information. Once your information has been entered, select the “Subscribe Via ___” icon.

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