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The “Reverse Calculator” is similar to the “Charting” report in results, but different in their method of generation. Where the Charting report will only generate account values as they are historically archived, the Reverse Calculator will back calculate loans to a specific date. Functionally this means if you had loans with backlogged payments, meaning that they were logged with an application date in the past, you could generate accurate account values as of a given date through the Reverse Calculator report. It should be noted that this report may take considerably longer to generate than the Charting report due to the fact it is reverse-calculating values.

How To

To generate the “Reverse Calculator” report, select Reports > Admin Stats > Reverse Calculator. Once you have entered the report, you will be greeted by the following screen:

Reports - Admin Stats - Reverse Calculator

The Reverse Calculator’s results are dependent on the date entered into the “Report Date” field. When a date is entered, the system will back calculate to that date and back-calculate values to the specified date. If you would like to further restrict your results, you can use the “Advanced Search” icon to make further restrictions to the report.

Reports - Admin Stats - Reverse Calculator - Advance Search

The advance search will give you the ability to further define your search by restricting the results to specific Loan Statuses, Loan Types, Portfolios, or Source Companies, etc. Upon completing your selections, select the “Search” button to finalize the report.

Your report results will populate at the bottom of the page, giving you a back-calculated view of the loans as of a specific date. As previously mentioned in the article, depending on the search restrictions, or dates desired, the report may take some time to generate.

If you would like to export the report as a CSV, you can do so by selecting the Excel icon located in the upper right hand corner of the report.

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