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The “Charting” report is one of the most frequently used administrative reports in AutoPal. At the end of each business day, AutoPal runs its internal data-logging and loan-update processes. During this process, the system records an archival snapshot of each loan in the system. The “Charting” report allows you to pull all of those snapshots at one time based on date. To access the report select Reports > Admin Stats > Charting.

It should be noted that the values returned on the “Charting” report are exactly as they were recorded on the date selected. If you were to go into the system and backlog payments for dates in the past, the Charting Report will not reflect those changes.

How To

To access the “Charting” report, select Reports > Admin Stats > Charting

Reports - Admin Stats - Charting

The report results are determined by the date entered into the “Report Date” field, and restrictions applied through the “Advanced Search” section. Once satisfied with the restrictions applied, select the Search button to begin generating the report. The system will then return a summary in the center section of the report, with the report results at the bottom.

The results will be broken into line items on a per loan basis. The values displayed in this section are exactly as they were logged by the system on the date selected. This report is a great asset if you are attempting to get a historical view of your loans as of a given date. For example, you could be attempting to generate the principal balance of your loans as of the closing of last quarter. If you desire, you can export the report into a CSV file through the Excel icon in the upper right hand corner.

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