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The Application list is where all submitted applications can be viewed within the Loan Origination Module. Similar in look and feel to the Loan List, the Application list allows you to easily search through your applications and manage them.

How To

To access the Application List, select the Applications tab from the navigation bar, and then the “Application List” icon.


This Application List is divided into two primary areas, the search options, and the application list.

Using the Search Options

Effective utilization of the search options will greatly help the servicing of your applications. To help you keep things organized, and easily searchable, AutoPal offers several search options allowing you to narrow in on the perfect applicants by restricting your results. The basic search options are as follows:

  • Application Status: This field allows you to restrict your search to applications in a certain status. Options include: Any Application Status, New Application, In Review, Offer Accepted, Countered, Approved, Funded, Declined, Info Needed, and Deleted. Application statuses can be updated from within the application itself.
  • Completed Status: Because the Loan Origination Module was designed as a data collection tool first and foremost, it will record all information entered by a client regardless of completion. The system will differentiate applications of this type as either Completed or Incomplete. Use this option to view applications that only fit one of those criteria.
  • Keyword Search: This field allows you to search your application list by keyword. For example, you may want to search for a specific application based on name. By entering the name into the “Keyword Search” field, any results that match will populate in the list.
  • Application Date From & Application Date To: With these fields you can narrow down your application search to applications created during a specific date range. Enter the start date into the “Application Date From” field, and the end date into the “Application Date To” field.

You will also notice several icons to the right of the search options:
The uses of these icons are as follows:

  • Search: By selecting this option, the restrictions you entered will be searched for
  • Clear Search: This option will reset the search boxes to their default state
  • Advanced: This option will expand the “Checklist Item” search field, allowing you to further restrict your searches based on whether or not a specific checklist item has, or has not been selected.
  • New Application: This icon will open a new application allowing you to manually create, and submit an application

The Applications List

Once your search results have been entered, they will populate in list format below:


The generated results will be in list format, containing the following information:

  • Date: This field represents the date the application was created, and added to the system
  • Number: This field represents the unique system assigned application ID
  • Applicant Name: The name of the applicant
  • Collateral: The collateral (if applicable) on the submitted application
  • User: The applicant user logged in during creation of the application. If there was no user logged in at the time of creation, the system will read “none”. Please note that the creation of an applicant user is not required for the submission of an application, and can be skipped if desired.
  • Approved: The approved funding amount for the applicant
  • Status: The current status of the application

By selecting the “Manage” icon to the right, you will be able to access the individual application and begin underwriting the application. Please see our article on Managing an Application for further information concerning the options inside the application.

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