Configure a Checklist


The “Checklist” tool allows you to ensure that specific items have taken place in your accounts. The checklists are also customizable to ensure they fit the needs of your company. Checklist items are especially useful because you can filter your reports and loan search results based on the status of a checklist item (whether it is checked or not.)  The checklist filter is found in the advanced option search.

How to Customize Your Checklist

To customize your checklist, navigate to Settings > Loan > Checklist inside your company account.

Configure Checklist

To create a new checklist, select the NEW CHECKLIST icon.

Enter a title for the checklist in the “Checklist Title” field.  Additionally, you can enter a description for the checklist in the “Checklist Description” field.  Once you have entered the checklist information, click Save Checklist.

Configure Checklist create item

The checklist will appear as a gray parent listing. Now that you have created the checklist, lets add some checklist items.

Configure Checkliste new list

To add items to the checklist, click NEW ITEM to the right of the listing.

Configure Checklist Create New Item

Enter a name for the checklist item into the “Checklist Item Title” field.  Additionally, you can enter a description for the checklist item in the “Checklist Item Description” field.  Click Save Item to save the checklist item.


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