Investors Overview

General AutoPal provides you with the ability to allow investors to be assigned to a variety of loans. Investor information can be tracked by both you via the software and the investor via the hosted website. Create Investor To create a new investor in the software, navigate to the Investors […]

What is APR?

General While APR does stand for annual percentage rate, it can mean different things in different circumstances.  Some people think that APR only means the annual interest rate charged on a loan while others know it to be a calculated value that is disclosed with the loan numbers.  This article […]

Extra Towards Next

General When utilizing the Interest Application setting of “Between Periods” you will have some extra options when posting payments. One area of particular importance is the “Extra Towards Next” setting, which can greatly effect the amortization of a loan. The between periods setting pegs payments towards a payment due date, […]

Posting a Modification

General AutoPal offers several useful tools that help make the loan servicing process easy! One such tool is the “Modification” tool, which allows you to re-access the loan terms, and update them on a given date in the loan timeline. This is not an edit tool, but should be viewed as […]

Servicing User Password Reset

General AutoPal understands that accidents happen sometimes, and passwords can be lost. To help with these situations, AutoPal offers two password reset methods: through email or directly through your company “Users” tab. It should be noted that members of AutoPal’s support team cannot reset your password for security reasons, but […]

Source Company Custom Fields

General AutoPal makes organizing your loan information easy. One way this is done is through the usage of Source Companies. AutoPal uses source companies to help you track your loans sourced through other companies, and keep them organized. AutoPal also uses the source companies as vendors if you are using […]

Custom Forms Variables

General AutoPal offers a full suite of tools to make inputting and downloading custom forms easy. One of the most important aspects of good custom forms is the use of Variable Fields. AutoPal gives you the ability to pull loan information and place it directly in your custom forms. Variable […]

Change of Company Administrator

General Every company in AutoPal must have a company administrator assigned to the instance. The administrator acts as the primary contact between AutoPal team members, and your company. The company administrator will be the first person to be contacted in the event there are billing issues, or administrative items. There […]

Roll Schedule on an Activated Loan

General AutoPal offers tools that allow you to alter the payment schedule of a loan without deactivating the loan, or posting a modification. Generally, this process is completed pre-activation on the loan, and payment schedules are not altered as the loan moves forward. But there may be exigent circumstances where […]

Activated Loan vs. Active Status

General Due to the complexity of the AutoPal system, there may be similar terminology that is applied to very different concepts. One particular circumstance that may cause confusion is the difference of an “Active” status loan, and an “Activated Loan”. Activate a Loan Activating a loan is your way of […]