Loan Manager – Collateral

General Recording collateral information on your loans is vital to effectively tracking and servicing your loans. The purpose of the collateral tab is to track the collateral on all of your collateralized loans.  When using the “Other” and “Consumer” loan types, you have the option to select whether the loan […]

Loan Manager – Insurance

General At times, you may want to track insurance information for different kinds of collateral, such as homeowner’s insurance or auto-insurance. To help facilitate this process, AutoPal Software allows you to record insurance policy information for loan collateral. How To To add/update insurance information for a loan navigate to; Loan Manager […]

Configure a Checklist

General The “Checklist” tool allows you to ensure that specific items have taken place in your accounts. The checklists are also customizable to ensure they fit the needs of your company. Checklist items are especially useful because you can filter your reports and loan search results based on the status of a […]

Checklist Overview

General Checklists help you manage processes for loans that aren’t natively supported by AutoPal Software, such as ensuring that proper documentation is received before the loan is funded, or that a bankruptcy has been properly processed. When a checklist item is marked as complete, the system will record a “Time Date Stamp”, allowing […]

Source Companies

General Source companies were designed so you can keep track of which companies you receive loans and leases from. Therefor, you are able to filter your searches and reports based on companies. This allows you to track how loans and leases, received from certain companies, perform relative to each other.  Source […]


General Brackets allow you to filter your reports and searches by a specific range, for each bracket item.  Your bracket filters can be found in the advanced option search, which is a feature that can be found in most reports and searches. Available Brackets You have the following brackets available to […]

Credit Reporting

General AutoPal software works with Credit Manager so that you can report your credit in a comprehensive and easy way.  There are three prerequisites for reporting credit.  First, you need a credit reporting account with at least one of the major credit bureaus. This is different than a credit pulling […]

SMS Integration

Getting Started AutoPal Software has integrated with Solutions by Text to offer another effective method for you to keep in contact with your clientele. Due to the immediate nature of text messages, and their ease of use, this tool will greatly enhance your company’s ability to stay in contact with […]

Reset Manual Assigned Stoplights to System Managed

General You are allowed to either manually assign Stoplights, or configure the system so it will automatically assign a stoplight based on your Stoplight Rules. If a loan account has a Stoplight that has been manually assigned, you can reset the Stoplight allowing the system to manage the Stoplight.   […]


General Stoplights are designed to give you an idea of the overall “health” of an account at a glance.  You can either manually assign a stoplight to an account, or you can configure the system so it will automatically assign a stoplight based on your company’s rules. ** If a […]